Philipp Conen

Engineering meets hobby.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

“In my eyes Fluid-Mechanics especially CFD is the perfect place where physics and engineering come together. The flow of fluids is a matter which is fascinating me most."

On this channel, you can find posts about my projects regarding Computational-Fluid-Dynamics (CFD). I prefer to perform in OpenFOAM (OF) because it’s powerful and open source. I am also familiar with ANSYS Fluent and some basic Matlab-Solvers.

A collection of some of my projects can be seen in the following table.

Analyse the airflow in a gym according to the covid-19 pandemic
Analyse the impact of an increasing amount of cpu cores during parallel simulation
Extend the analyzes on the investigation of the compressible flow of real gases around a circular cylinder with Novec 649 by considering different Mach numbers
Push forward troubleshooting and teaching OpenFOAM in form of a small book

Last updated on 1 May 2021
Published on 1 May 2021
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